Services and prices

I offer you my skippering services for weekly or even daily cruises or deliveries. I can also take care of finding a reliable boat to rent according to your schedule so that you only have to come, embark and enjoy.

My daily rate as a skipper ranges from 150 to 250 euros a day depending on the duration and the mission, contact me to find out more! It is also possible for me to offer you a reliable and competent hostess or steward / cook for your stay on board.

For deliveries, the price may also vary depending on the type of ship, its condition, the preparation required before departure and the season.

My diplomas are all up to date and each charter / delivery is declared. A contract is also established before the service.

I am available from May to September in the south of France and in the French West Indies in winter.

Do not hesitate to contact me via the form below for a personalized response within 24 hours.